Cannabis and CBD Oil

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CBD Oil is a natural product that is proving to have many health benefits. At it is most commonly extracted from cannabis, there is no surprise that it has raised some eyebrows when it comes to its use. However, the cannabidiol (CBD) that constitutes the majority of CBD products on the shelf comes from hemp, containing no THC and even in huge amounts, will not give the user a stoned or high effect.

CBD oil was once used as an “alternative” medication but is now becoming more mainstream at a rapidly growing rate. The benefits of CBD oil for human health are becoming well-known and it has been shown to help treat or reduce the symptoms of many diverse disorders that include:

The use of CBD oil is considered safe and while research into its use and how and why it works is still limited by decades off suppression, it is a popular treatment due to the results people are getting.

CBD oil, like any medical product or supplement can have some side-effects that need to be noted. It is always recommended to seek medical advice when choosing an alternative or lesser-known product to treat a disorder or its symptoms, CBD oil is no different.

The widespread and growing use of CBD has resulted in the collection of a few known side effects. Many of the side-effects are very mild with no toxicity, some often because the dosage of CBD oil taken is too high. While very rare, some of the reported side-effects of using CBD oil include:

  • Fluctuations in appetite
  • Mood Swings
  • Diarrhoea
  • Dizzy spells
  • Drowsiness or tiredness
  • Nausea

CBD may interact with some medication so it is advised you consult your doctor before stacking CBD on top of any pharmaceutical medication. There is no conclusive evidence of any negative side-effects from long-term CBD oil use.

The main reason for a potential side effect is simply using too much. Obtaining expert advice and doing your own research into CBD oil and the varying strengths and different products is recommended. CBD oil is quite potent and often only very small amounts or dosages are required to get outstanding results.

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