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Innovative New CBD Products

Not that long ago when people thought of cannabis, the image of a stoned hippy smoking a sweet smelling substance came to mind. While cannabis in itself is slowly being legalised around the world it was not long before a new name appeared on the market. CBD oil a wonderful extract from cannabis without the THC high, has gained notoriety as a superb pain killer and health supplement. Initially, CBD was only available in an oil tincture or softgel form, and even today these are the best known of the CBD products but there is now so much more.

CBD oil grew in global popularity very fast as the benefits of CBD oil spread and people found out it didn’t create a high. CBD oil became a sort of brand in its own right and synonymous with its amazing health benefits it is now an ingredient in many products and companies are finding new ways to enhance their products with CBD oil.

CBD Drinks

There are many CBD infused drinks in all forms and flavours. From CBD infused mineral waters to sodas, the CBD is not a flavour but a supplement working with the many flavours the world has become used to. Energy drinks are already a popular choice and while not always considered the most healthy choice of drink, adding CBD to the product does do its best to convince the consumer that the drink is actually more healthy than it is. The CBD drinks market has been growing steadily for the last 5 years and despite the low levels of CBD actually in the products the consumers are taking to the products and as more innovative drinks come on to the marketing the appetite for CBD drinks seems almost endless.

CBD Coffee and Beer

Following suit with CBD drinks it will come as no surprise that CBD infused coffee and alcoholic beverages are also available on the market. Riding on the “CBD is good for you” bandwagon there is a slight novelty factor in CBD infused coffee, tea, beer and other beverages. One thing for certain is that the inclusion of CBD in popular beverages is increasing awareness of the real benefits of CBD as people discuss the supplement.

CBD Vapes

The jury is still out on the safety of vaping, however it CBD infused vape oils are very much a natural follow on from the days when smoking cannabis was very much the only way to “consume” the product. Vape oils infused with CBD are extremely popular, give no high and the vapourised CBD is absorbed by the body in a relatively effective manner.

CBD Infused Gum

Another innovation in the CBD world is that of CBD infused chewing gum. The benefits of chewing gum for oral healthcare are well documented and adding CBD to the gum simply adds to the benefits. Again, there are only nominal amounts of CBD is the many gums on the market and people are perhaps purchasing due to hype but the products are nonetheless proving popular and are 100% safe.

CBD Skin Care Products

The health benefits of CBD and the skin are now pretty well documented. The use of CBD oil in its own right to combat the symptoms of dermatitis and acne are perhaps the best known of all. Taken both orally and topically CBD is has exceptional benefits for the skin. The benefits of CBD when it comes to skincare are now being exploited to produce some superb cosmetics and beauty treatments now infused with CBD. Sure there may be a little hype around the products when it comes to marketing but the results of using CBD infused cosmetics often speak for themselves.

CBD Pet Products

One of the other areas of CBD innovation is in pet care. Adding a few drops of CBD oil to your pets favourite food has been common for a few years now but foods and other products such as shampoos and chewable products are now being infused with CBD. It is well known that CBD is as good for animals as it is for humans.
CBD is an amazing product and before consuming it, it makes sense to do some research. However when it comes to CBD infused products, they may not produce the desired therapuetic effect most people are after, but rather provide an easy way to get a daily dose of maintaince CBD. If you have a specific ailment or issue you’re wishing to treat, your best bet is a pure CBD oil, with supplementary CBD products on the side. Thankfully all this new product innovation makes this very easy!
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At the CBD Oil NZ team we're looking to provide you with up to date information on CBD in New Zealand regarding new research and regulation.

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At the CBD Oil NZ team we're looking to provide you with up to date information on CBD in New Zealand regarding new research and regulation.
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