CBD Oil Dosing Guide

in New Zealand

How much CBD should I be taking?

When it comes to CBD and how much you should take, there is no exact dose for any given situation. Certain conditions require different dosages for a therapeutic effect. Your dose will also vary depending on your size and ultimately how your body responds to the oil.

Typically your dose will start low and work up till the desired goal is achieved. If you’re prescribed 30mg for sleep and find you sleep improved drastically with only 20mg then by all means stop there. This is where the benefit of titrating your dose comes in.

Two week titration example table

If you’re prescribed 30mg of CBD oil, this is typically how you’ll go about working up to your dose.

CBD products also vary drastically in strength. You may require 50 drops of a lower concentrated product or 5 of a high strength that could have the same amount of total CBD. Make sure you know the strength of the product and follow your prescription. When it comes to the safety of high dosages, up to 1500mg per day of CBD has been well tolerated in humans.

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