Full Spectrum CBD VS. CBD Isolate – Featured Post

When looking for a CBD Oil product you’ll usually come across two main options. Firstly CBD isolate, often up to 99% pure, this is CBD in its isolated form away from all other plant molecules. Secondly CBD Oil, sometimes called Hemp Oil, or Full Spectrum CBD Oil which has much lower levels of CBD but also includes a wide array of other cannabinoids, terpenes and plant molecules. If you’re wondering which is best, check out this piece by Dr Ron Goedeke, featured on the Ministry of Hemp website.


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  • Jeanette Swanson

    Just came off all opiates brought about by serious assault and suffering MS. Had been using oxy and fentanyl with no adverse effects. Still working full time as an RNZ in a Hospital but I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and this can be exacerbated by opiates. About to start CBDZ OIL and just hope it’s all its expected to be. Seriously expensive but not game to import. Bring on full legalization. Seen the benefits first hand. Bloody Govt

  • andrea

    is the tilray cbd product that you can get from prescription in nz a cbd isolate?

    • andrew


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